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Take Five - Michael Kaeshammer

Ever wonder what songs are on your favourite artist's iPod? What their influences are?

Now you have the chance with our new feature Take Five.

This week's Take Five features Michael Kaeshammer.

After studying classical piano for seven years in his German homeland, a 13-year-old Kaeshammer discovered boogie-woogie and stride piano as played by Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, Pete Johnson, Pinetop Smith, and Fats Waller. In three years, he was playing boogie-woogie piano in clubs, concerts, and festivals all over Germany. He attracted attention almost immediately after the family moved to the west coast of Canada, performing at blues and jazz festivals across the country during the summer of 1996.

Besides playing the piano he also sings blues and jazz. His first album, Blue Keys (BSB Productions), was released in 1996, followed by Tell You How I Feel (Alma Records) in 1998, No Strings Attached (Alma Records) in 2000, Strut (Alma/Universal Music) in 2003, Days Like These (Alert/Universal Music) in 2007, "Lovelight" in 2009 and his most recent album "Kaeshammer" which was released earlier this year.

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