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ARTS TORONTO - March 11th Edition

This Sunday from 8-9 a.m., it’s another edition of Arts Toronto with your host Mark Wigmore on Jazz FM91

This episode: On location at the Art Gallery of Ontario! The blockbuster exhibition Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors has opened to much fanfare. The exhibition has commanded international attention, thanks to sell-out runs in Washington, Seattle and Los Angeles. Yayoi Kusama is an interesting artist to be at the heart of a 21st century exhibit enjoying unprecedented demand. At 88-years-old, her paintings, plush sculptures, mirror rooms and polka dot installations have captured the imagination of Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennialls alike; not to mention their social media feeds. She got her start in her native Japan before moving to New York City in the late 50s; palling around with Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keefe and Allan Kaprow. Her work with these titans, and her unusual childhood, would inspire her to experiment with environmental and performance art. She became a hit in Europe throughout the 60s, and found her footing with the work she is so famous for now; playing with mirrors, electric light and polka dots. She’s a poet, a writer, an activist and an artist, and after 7 decades of exploration, a major exhibition of her work is in Toronto for the first time. Mark Wigmore speaks with curator Adelina Vlas on location at the AGO.

And, the true Top O The Senator! The Senator Restaurant is Toronto’s oldest restaurant, dating back to the 1920’s. It went through several transformations over the decades and was bought by Bobby Sniderman in the 1980s. He eventually opened the beloved jazz club, The Top O The Senator, at the neighboring building in 1990. It was a hotbed of musical activity for 15 years before it was shut down in 2005. On Thursday, a new version of Bobby Sniderman's vision, becomes a reality. Senator Winebar will be housed directly above the restaurant with seating for 24. Every Friday and Saturday night, the Parisian-inspired venue will host live music performances ranging from jazz and blues to bluegrass and honky tonk. The space will be adorned with vintage furnishings, including a Prohibition-period bar imported from Cleveland and a classic 1920’s Heintzman upright piano. The restaurant will feature an upscale French-inspired menu, included an extensive wine and cocktail list. Bluesman Julian Fauth will usher in the musical evenings. Booking the new venue will be a man no stranger to Canada's music scene. Nicholas Jennings. He is one of Canada’s most respected music journalists and was a critic for MacLean’s Magazine for decades. His books cover popular music in Canada with his latest offering being Lightfoot, which chronicles the life and times of one of this country’s greatest songwriters. Nicholas joins Mark in studio for a conversation about Winebar, and Toronto's changing live-music scene.

All that, Garvia Bailey's Giant Steps, and beautiful jazz for a Sunday morning.

Catch the show from 8-9am on Sunday or online at

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