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    This Sunday from 8-9am, it’s Arts Toronto with your host Mark Wigmore on JAZZ.FM91.

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    CBC’s Schitt’s Creek is wrapping up its third season on the heels of more wins at the Canadian Screen Awards, a growing audience and news that Season 4 is imminent. The series owes much of its success to the vision of creator, producer, show-runner, writer and star, Dan Levy. In the sitcom, his character David Rose and the Rose Family are fish-out-of-water billionaires who have fallen on tough times and now must find their way in the rural berg of Schitt’s Creek. Dan’s portrayal of the charmingly self-absorbed millennial who is both pansexual and a serious fashionista, has made him one of the most original characters to wander into popular culture and comedy television. When Schitt’s Creek debuted in 2015, it would be veterans Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Chris Elliott who would anchor interest in the series, but in season 2 and 3, onscreen siblings Dan Levy and Annie Murphy have increasingly found an adoring audience. Mark Wigmore sits down with Dan Levy at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

    And Jane Siberry is the Canadian musical force who has been mesmerizing audiences for decades. Siberry was raised in Etobicoke, and started primarily as folk artist, but she moved quickly into other musical realms. She engaged the new wave movement and art rock sounds of the mid 80s and started to toy with everything from pop, gospel and jazz. By the mid 90s, Jane was an international touring artist, a Juno Award winner, and beloved by peers like K.D. Lang, The Rheostatics, Brian Eno and Emmylou Harris. Last year, she released her final full length recording. Ulysses Purse, which features multiple voices including Mary Margaret O’Hara. The duo will perform on Friday, March 31st, and following the interview, Mark Wigmore will offer you a chance to win tickets. Mark sat down with Jane Siberry in the JAZZ.FM91 studios in 2016.

    All that and beautiful jazz for a Sunday morning. Catch the show from 8-9am on Sunday.

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