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    Friday, 10 February 2017 14:02

    This Sunday from 8-9am, it’s Arts Toronto with your host Mark Wigmore on JAZZ.FM91.

    This episode:

    In the face of sanctions and travel bans, a new exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Art at the Aga Khan Museum has found a zeitgeist moment. “Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet: Contemporary Persians” opened in Toronto last weekend and arrives in Canada thanks to British-Iranian real estate magnate and art lover Mohammed Afkhami. His 300 + private collection was curated to produce a dazzling new exhibition that features various mediums and 23 artists. The show confronts big themes within the country’s identity including gender, politics, social justice, and religion. Afkhami is known as the ‘High Rise Collector’ and is one of the most watched art mavens in the world. Mark Wigmore speaks to Mohammed Afkhami about this timely exhibit in the JAZZ.FM91 studios.

    And the 2017 Juno Awards will be handed out this April in Ottawa. This past Tuesday morning the nominations were announced at the new Rebel Nightclub at Toronto’s Polson Pier. Mark Wigmore was on hand at the glitzy event and spoke to several of the Juno nominees including jazz category favorites Barbra Lica and JAZZ.FM91’s own Heather Bambrick. Mark breaks down the list with Brad Barker.

    And it’s the return of the GTA Bucket List, the Arts Toronto Travel series that explores destinations easily accessible from Toronto. This episode heads to the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont; a land of snow, skiing, towering mountains, evergreen glades, cozy hotels & restaurants, and a people of hearty stock. Mark Wigmore speaks to the team at Jay Peak Mountain, and the locals who truly love one of the best kept secrets in North American travel.

    All that and beautiful jazz for a Sunday morning. Catch the show from 8-9am on Sunday.

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