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    Friday, 25 November 2016 12:18

    This Sunday from 8-9a.m., it’s a special fundraising edition of Arts Toronto with your host Mark Wigmore on JAZZ.FM91.

    This episode:

    It would be hard to imagine Canada's current media landscape without Denise Donlon. The talented broadcaster, producer, manager and philanthropist has helmed positions that have spanned the industry. Sometimes she has broken cultural and creative ground, other times she has been asked to provide leadership for an industry under fire. Her new memoir chronicles her personal story, her endless run-ins with pop cultural icons, and her time spent helming institutions such as Muchmusic, Sony Music and the CBC. It's a career that is full of power plays, politics, creative collaborations and celebrity encounters. Jaymz Bee sits down with the media maven to investigate her book “Fearless As Possible (Under The Circumstances)”.

    Also; this past year Matt Dusk has toured around the world, celebrated the birth of his first child, put out new music, and weeks ago, added a fun retro album of Christmas songs to his recording career. It’s titled “Old School Yule!”. In December, he’s set to perform with the group that helped him discover his love of music. He’s singing with his alma mater, the St. Michael’s Choir School. Matt dropped by the JAZZ.FM91 studios this week to speak with Community Arts Reporter Shirley Camia about his new record, and the special concerts he’s taking part in next month at Massey Hall.

    And, Richard Rose is the talented Artistic Director at Tarragon Theatre. Each year he sets out to find the most compelling stories from the theatre world to present to Toronto audiences. His focus is usually contemporary, and most often Canadian. This month he has brought in one of the most talked about scripts off Broadway, Will Eno’s modern day comedy, The Realistic Joneses. Richard has put on his Director hat for this production that uses a sitcom writing style to tell a melancholic tale of mortality. He sat down in the JAZZ.FM91 Studios with Mark Wigmore to discuss the Tarragon mandate, and The Realistic Joneses.

    All that and beautiful jazz for a Sunday morning. Catch the show from 8-9am on Sunday.

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