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Friday, 01 April 2016 11:03

This Sunday from 8-9am, it’s Arts Toronto with your host Mark Wigmore on JAZZ.FM91.

This week:

Jane Siberry is one of Canada’s true gifts to the songwriting world. For the last 35 years this musical force has been mesmerizing audiences with her special brand of music and lyrics. She started primarily as folk artist, but moved quickly to engage the New Wave movement of the mid 80s. She produced pop, gospel and jazz recordings, and by the mid 90s, Siberry was an international touring artist, a Juno Award winner, and beloved by peers like kd Lang, The Rheostatics, Brian Eno and Emmylou Harris. He latest album is also poised to be her last. Ulysses’ Purse will be her final full length recording. Mark Wigmore speaks to Jane Siberry in the JAZZ.FM91 studios.

And it’s Juno Weekend! The 45th Annual Juno Awards broadcast happens on Sunday night, but the lion’s share of the statues will be awarded at Calgary’s Convention Centre on Saturday. Mark Wigmore, Brad Barker and Dani Elwell caught up with nominees Rich Brown, Jerry Granelli and BadBadNotGood. We will share excerpts of those conversations.

And, Dane Swan is a poet, songwriter and jazz lover. His latest collection of poems, A Mingus Lullaby, pulls in the voice of the often misunderstood and volatile double bass playing jazz legend, Charles Mingus. As we enter National Poetry Month, Dane Swan sat down with Good Morning Toronto's Garvia Bailey

All that and jazz music nominated at the 2016 Juno Awards. Catch the show from 8-9 a.m. on Sunday.

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