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April 21, 2018

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

My Mahi - Mark Eisenman

Strange Dreams - Terri Parker

Ladybug Waltz - Heillig Manouevre

Samba Esque - Heillig Manouevre

Lolaland - Steve Koven Trio

Hay, The Kind For Horses - St. Dirt

Zombies Love To Dance To This Song - St. Dirt

Tempus Fugit - Nathan Hiltz

Minugs - The Joe Bowden Project

Chazz - The Toronto Jazz Orchestra

Chasing Ghosts - Christian Overton

The Kickback - Morgan Childs Quartet

Five O'Clock Shadow - Daniel Barnes

Just A Girl - Shannon Butcher

BRZ - Aline Hormzy (Bitches Brew)

Practical Arrangement - Kurt Elling and Brantford Marsalis

It Was A Very Good Year - June Garber

Boy Oh Boy - The Willows

Wave - John Sherwood

April 14, 2018

Petite Fleur - The Hot Sardines

Shanghai Lil - Alex Pangman

Things To Come - Rez Abbasi and Kiran Ahluwalia

Tale Of The Fingers -- Dave Young Trio

Stablemates - Guido Basso

One Way - Carley Bley Big Band (with Don Francks poem)

Mustard Arizona - Eric St-Laurent

Butterfly - Herbie Hancock and the Metropole Orchestra

The Kickback - Morgan Childs

I'll Be Seeing You - Jessica Lalonde

Mercury (from The Planets) - Manuel Valera

Vista - Landen Vieira

Thadeus - Mark Eisenman Quintet

Solace - Steve Hunter

Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Max Raabe

Salon B - John MacMurchy

Moose and Squirrel - Heillig Maneuver

Bongo Bob - Steve Koven Trio

Mean Old Train - Julian Fauth

What Kind Of Woman Is This - Buddy Guy

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

March 24, 2018

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

When I Get Low I Get High - Alex Pangman

Sting Of The Cactus - Ori Dagan

Hands Down Lo - The Heavyweights Brass Band

Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West, Mike Murley Trio

Momentum - Mike Downes

Contumbao - Hilario Duran

The Best Is Yet To Come - Michael Buble

Hands Up - Kellylee Evans

Numbers You Know - Andrew Downing's Otterville

One Way Up - Dave Young

I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Dave Young/Terry Promane Octet

St. Louis Blues - Little Miss Higgins

Bongo Bob - Steve Koven Trio

I'm Just A Girl - Shannon Butcher

Undo Process - Avi Granite Six

BRZ - The Smith Sessions

Freds Fast City - Mark Kelso & The Jazz Exiles

Naciente - Amhed Mitchell

It Could've Been - David Braid (with Kevin Turcotte)

February 24, 2018

The Boogaloo Lounge (theme song) Lou Pomanti
Cold Duck Time - Russ Little
One Way Up - Dave Young
The Jiggy - Ron Westray
It Was A Very Good Year - June Garber
Strange Is This Life - Lori Cullen 
All About The Hang - The Shuffle Demons
Smack Dab In The Middle - Darcy Hepner Jazz Orchestra
Swing Brother Swing - Lily Frost
Slow Hot Wind - Johnny Hartman
Hey Nineteen - Steely Dan
Squad Goals - JV's Bugaloo Squad
Dia Chuvoso - Marito Marques
Too Darn Hot - Stacey Kent
Maybe I Knew - Ellen Doty
Hands Down Lo - Heavyweights Brass Band
Rogers Intro - Heavyweights Brass Band
Mustard Arizona - Eric St-Laurent
Liza's Dream - Quartetto Gelato
Mala Junta - Payadora Tango Ensemble
Stolen Moments - Phil Disera
Go West - Ted Quinlan
You Don't Know What Love Is - Mike Murley with Strings

Tenderly - Diana Braitwaite and Chris Whiteley

February 17, 2018

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

Tidal Breeze - Chet Baker with Harold Danko

In The Still Of The Night - Richard Whiteman Trio

I Can See Clearly - Kathleen Gorman

Tea For Two - Nathan Hiltz

Go West - Ted Quinlan

Footprints - Phil Disera

Outside My Window - Collective Order (feat. Jocelyn Barth)

Gruv Muv - Ron Davis Pocket Symphronica

La Comparsa - Danae Olano

Mustard Arizona - Eric St-Laurent

Airegin - Eric St-Laurent

Tanquary - Russell DeCarle

Clean Water and a Bag of Rice - The Jay Danley Ethio-Jazz Band

Florina - Zim Zum

Seven Dead Ataris - John Cheesman Jazz Orchestra

Love Come Back To Me - Lily Frost

Felini Singalong - Sisters Euclid

Bye Bye Bird - Diana Braithewaite and Chris Whiteley

Stormy Monday - Leslie Huyler

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

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