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March 18, 2017

“The Boogaloo Lounge” Lou Pomanti
“Until I Met You” Darcy Hepner Jazz Orchestra featuring Sophia Perlman
“Isn’t It Romantic” John Alcorn
“I Want The Waiter With The Water” Whitney Ross Barris
“Estate” Chris Botti
“Yesterday” Maureen Kennedy
“Sound The Alarm” Tara Kananngara
“Scare Tactics” Rob Capaletto Group
“Lulu’s Back In Town” Ailsa McCreary
“Fine And Funky” Diane Roblin
“Footprints” Robi Botos
“Nashville” Barbra Lica
“I’m Walkin’” Bill McBirnie
“In Orbit” Lou Pomanti
“Going Down Gamblin” David Clayton Thomas
“Get Back” John Pizzarelli
“Creole Love Call” Duchess
“Smile” Avery Raquel
“Theme For Sterling Hayden” Barry Elmes Quintet
“Nica’s Dilema” Brian Dickinson
“Antelao” Franco D’Andrea
“The Boogaloo Lounge” Lou Pomanti

February 25, 2017

"The Boogaloo Lounge" (theme song) Lou Pomanti

"Whole Lotta Love" John Alcorn

"Wild Is The Wind" Amy McConnell & William Sperandei

"Charade" Amy McConnell & William Sperandei

"Jack Attack" Kevin Barrett

"Work Song" Kevin Clark

"When I Get Low I Get High" Alex Pangman

"All on A Mardis Gras Day" Red Hot Ramble

"Nature Boy" Peter Hill

"Booze Houds" The Heavyweights Brass Band (feat. Jay Douglas)

"Cool Breeze" Slim Moore & The Mar-Kays

"Lennon" Dino Rubino

"Yemaya Olodo" Hilario Duran

"Have You Met Miss Jones" Canadian Jazz Quartet

"Just A Girl" Shannon Butcher

"Colton Raine" Jake Koffman

"So In Love" Barbra Lica

""Process" Zim Zum

"The Orange Challenge" Andre Lechance

"Egyptian Fantasy" Royal Pickles

"Home" Jacob Gorshaltzen

"So Nice To Talk To" Denielle Bassels

"River Light" Barry Livingston Group

"The Boogaloo Lounge" Lou Pomanti

February 18, 2017

"Boogaloo Lounge" Lou Pomanti

"Isn't It Romantic" John Alcorn

"Moonshine" Brian Dickinson

"2 degrees East, 3 degrees West" Mike Murley Trio

"Fasten Your Seatbelt" Diane Roblin

"If You Said Goodbye" Jake Wilkinson

"Colton Raine" Jake Wilkinson

"Fly Away To Waikiki" Tony Quarrington

"Ghost of Django" Tony Quarrington

"Cool Cool Water" Denielle Bassels

"Lullaby Of Birdland" Steve Amirault

"Dindin" Steve Amirault

"Your Heart Belongs To You" Big Rude Jake

"Mean Old Train" Julian Fauth

"Pluto Is A Planet" Margaret Stowe

"I Wish You Love" Amy McConnell & William Sperandei

"Cool Embrace" Amanda Tosoff

"Nashville" Barbra Lica

"Pork Chops" Shirantha Beddagae

"Nature Boy" Peter Hill

"Lennon" Dino Rubino

"Work Song" Kevin Clark

February 4, 2017

“The Boogaloo Lounge” Lou Pomanti

“Cold Duck Time” Russ Little

“Out Of This World” John Alcorn

“Shanghai Lil” Alex Pangman

“El Bombin de Barretto” Alejandro Falcon

“Sheik of Araby” Club Django Sextet of Toronto

“Ruwenzori” Colleen Allen

“Colton Raine” Jake Wilkinson

“A Time Place (The Peacocks)” Lara Solnicki

“One Way Up” Dave Young

“Armando’s Rhumba” Robert Scott Trio

“City of Broken Dreams” Giovanni Guidi

“Going Back To My Used To Be” Micah Barnes

“Violet” Robi Botos

“Milestones” Robi Botos

“Four Shades of Light” Kirk MacDonald Jazz Orchestra

“Theme For Sterling Hayden” Barry Elmes Quintet

“Feet Do Your Stuff” Ian Shaw

“Free of Love” Micahel Kaeshammer

January 28, 2017

"Welcome To The Boogaloo Lounge"
"Clear Out Of This World" John Alcorn
"Moon Shine" Brian Dickinson Quintet
"Bebop Medley" Myriad 3
"You" Amanda Tosoff
"Have You Met Miss Jones" Canadian Jazz Quartet
"Seven Dead Ataris" John Cheeseman Jazz Orchestra
"Cold Duck Time" Russ Little
"Nashville" Barbra Lica
"Martas Vineyard" John McLeod's Rex Hotel Orchestra
"The Bass And The Mama" Eric St- Laurent
"I'm Your Man" Patricia O'Callahan
"Hustle Up" Richard Underhill
"Recado Bossa Nova" Mark Kieswetter and Ross MacIntyre
"Baltimore" Laura Hubert
"Torch Rail River Company" So Long Seven
"Up Jumped Chuck" Steve Holt
"One Way Up" Dave Young
"Feets Do Your Stuff" Ian Shaw
"Alfie" Gavin Hope"
"City Of Broken Dreams" Giovanni Guidi
"Ritz Empire" Chris Norton and Sly Blue

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