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June 15, 2017

The Boogaloo Lounge – Lou Pomanti

Ain’t No Sunshine – Jane Bunnett & Maqueque

Clear Out Of This World – The Beehive Singers

I Don’t Mind A Bit – Heather Bambrick 

Stickin’ With Nick – Jane Fair-Rosemary Galloway Quintet

Mehdni – Nancy Walker

Blue Canvas – Brandi Disterheft

Soft Colours By The Sea Wall – Bev Taft and Nathan Hiltz

River Light – Barry Livingston Group

Little Bossa – Attila Fias

Afternoon – Hendrik Meurkens

Hey 19 – Steely Dan

Dove – Landes Viera

Mood Indigo – Hogtown Syncopators

True Blue – Joe Sealy / Paul Novotny

The Kind Effect – Jon Feldman Electric Band

The Question Is The Answer – Artie Roth

Duncan Swings – The Bebop Cowboys

Amazing – Kelly Lee Evans

The Boogaloo Lounge – Lou Pomanti

June 8, 2017

The Boogaloo Lounge –  Lou Pomanti 

Colton Raine – Jake Wilkinson

Obligatory Blues – The Cookers 

Mean Old Train – Julian Fauth

2 Little Fishes – Mr. Rick

Dreaming – Avery Raquel

Bangles, Bobbles and Beads - Brian Browne

Stealin’ Away – Big Rude Jake

Learn The Hard Way – Irene Torres

Jungle – Kelly Lee Evans

Brazil Like – Kirk MacDonald

Bright City – Leyland Gordon

All The Things You’d Be Right Now If Sigmund Freud’s Wife Was Your Mother – Dave Young

The Questions Is The Answer – Artie Roth

Mermel’s Moment – Double Helix

Graf Grak – Eric St-Laurent Trio

Cotton Tail – Richard Whiteman Quartet

Wave – John Sherwood

Nashville – Barbra Lica

Beautiful Creatures – Brian Browne

July 1, 2017

Jazz In The City with Jaymz Bee

Playlist for Saturday July 1, 2017 (6-8pm)

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

Secrets - Eric St-Laurent Trio

Maple Leaf Rag - Robert Scott

Hip Check - Bria Skonberg

Let Yourself Go - Bria Skonberg

Chazz - Toronto Jazz Orchestra

In The Still Of The Night - Richard Whiteman Trio

Baubles Bangles and Beads - Brian Browne

Creatures - Brian Browne

The Question Is The Answer - Artie Roth Quartet

Working Title Blues - John MacMurchy's Art of Breath

Cheese On Bread - The Shuffle Demons

7 Dead Ataris - John Cheeseman Jazz Orchestra

See You Next Tuesday - The Cookers

Ghost Busters - Turbo Street Funk

Get Outta Town - Joe Coughlin

I Wish I Knew - Tom Szczeniak with Michael Stuart

Love Light - Michael Kaeshammer

It's A Most Unusual Day - Tommy Ambrose

Moose & Squirrel - Heillig Manoeuvre

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

June 24, 2017

Jazz In The City with Jaymz Bee

Playlist for Saturday June 24, 2017 (6-8pm)

The Boogaloo Lounge – Lou Pomanti 

Yesterdays – Maureen Kennedy

Twangy – Scofield

Song For Rachel – John McLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra

You Don’t Know What Love Is – Mike Murley

Black Butterly – Gillian Margot

Life On Mars – Geoff Keezer

Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You – Jim Galloway

Cool Breeze - Slim Moore & The Mar Kayes

Fast Future – Donny McCaslin

Swinging Shepherd Blues – Herbie Mann

Messenger – Jay Douglas and Chris Butcher

Black Disciples – Triodes

Cosmopolis – Tom Reynolds

Ta Da – Joel Miller and Sienna Dahlen

Midnight Sun – Elizabeth Shepherd

Tale of The Fingers – Dave Young

Sound The Alarm – Tara Kannangara

Swing Brother Swing – Lily Frost

Parade – Andrew Downing

The Boogaloo Lounge – Lou Pomanti


June 10, 2017

Jazz In The City with Jaymz Bee

Playlist for Saturday June 10, 2017 (6-8pm)


The Boogaloo Lounge – Lou Pomanti

Ideofunk – John Scofield

Belleville Rendezvous – Triplets of Belleville Soundtrack

Cool Cool Water – Denielle Bassels

You’re In Love With Someone – Ed Bickert

Estate – Ed Bickert and Lorne Lofsky

Tempus Fugit – Nathan Hiltz

Fred’s Fast City – Mark Kelso’s Jazz Exiles

Buzz Theory – Nancy Walker

Jockey Full Of Bourbon – Whitney Ross Barris

I Wish We Were Robots – Chris Hunt Tentet

Blue Module – Ron Davis

Blue Jive Five – Swing Shift Big Band

Cry Me A River – Mike Murley

Royale Pickles – Egyptian Fantasy

Footprints – Pat Labarbera

The Beat Goes On – Buddy Rich

Secret Heart – Laila Biali

Rose Coloured Glasses – Randy Bachman

Misty – Aretha Franklin

Fire On The Bayou – Soul Stew featuring Michael Dunston

Booze Hounds – Heavyweights Brass Band featuring Jay Douglas

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