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October 28, 2017

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

Whole Lotta Love - John Alcorn

Clean Water and a Bag of Rice - Jay Danley Band

Mulatu - Jay Danley Band

Bongo Bob - Steve Koven Trio

Outside My Window - Collective Order (feat. Jocelyn Barth)

A Meditation - Collective Order (feat. Jocelyn Barth)

Dandelion Wine - John MacMurchy's Art of Breath (feat. Yvette Tollar)

Sting of the Cactus - Ori Dagan

Pretend - Ori Dagan (with Alex Pangman)

Nightmare - Artie Shaw

Mr. Ghost Goes To Town - The Five Jones Boys

Halloween Spooks - Lambert Hendricks and Ross

Blues for Dracula - Philly Joe Jones

Don't Fear The Reaper - Sophia Perlman & Marieve Herington

Cedar - Alison Young

Fat Boy Rag - Bebop Cowboys

Tanqueray - Russell deCarle

Song For Rachel - John McLeod's Rex Hotel Orchestra

Work Song - Kevin Clark

Walk Behind Me - Melissa Lauren

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

October 7, 2017

Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti
Squad Goal - JV's Boogaloo Squad
Nice Guys - Alex Dean
Samba Esque - Heillig Manoeuvre
2 Bar Blues - Robert Scott Trio
William Carn's Run Stop Run
The Zizou Predicament - Johnny Grifith
Clear Out of This World - The Beehive Singers
So In Love - Barbra Lica
Pursuit of Happiness - Joe Bowden Project
Bungalow Blues - Steve Koven Trio
Dogs Breakfast - Barry Elmes Quintet
Pierre Burton's Pig - Barry Elmes Quintet
Granada Bus - Ernesto Cervini's Turboprop
La Vie Com Si - Patricia Cano
Taurus Blues - Teri Parker
Visitation - Chris Wallace's Many Names
Caravan - Christopher Simmons
What Is Hip - Tower of Power

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is - Chicago

September 30, 2017

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

Momentum - Mike Downes

Dance With The Lady - Johnny Griffiths

Run - Jordana Talsky

Our Man Flint - Carlos Del Junco

Outside My Backyard - Collective Order (featuring Jocelyn Barth)

Recuerdos - Hilario Duran

Northern Groove - Jonathan Feldman

Squad Goals - JV's Boogaloo Squad

Tangueray - Russell DeCarl

Give Me A Dollar - Jane Bunnett & Spirits Of Havana

El Orgullo e Los Soneros - Septeto Habanero

Elation - Mike Downes

Samba-esque - Heillig Maoeuvre

Canadian Cha Cha Cha - Bobby Rice Latin Jazz Big Band

Tight - Kurt Elling

Have You Met Miss Jones - Canadian Jazz Quartet

Swing 42 - John Wayne Swingtet

Despierta - Eliana Cuevas

Parque 527 - Hilario Duran

Shanghai Lil - Alex Pangman

Moose and Squirrel - Heillig Manouevre

Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti 

September 23, 2017

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

Always True To You In My Fashion - Melissa Lauren

On The Other Side - Melissa Lauren

Marta's Vineyard - John McLeod's Rex Hotel Orchestra

So In Love - Barbra Lica

Cold Duck Time - Russ Little

Brazil Like - Kirk MacDonald Quintet

Naima - John Coltrane

A Coat - Sarah Jerome

Felini Sing-a-long - Sisters Euclid

Don't Be That Way - Kayla Ramu

Clock Tickin' Blues - Beverly Taft & Nathan Hiltz

Place By The Sea - Whitney Ross Barris

Black and White - Whitney Ross Barris

I Wish I Knew - Tom Czezniak

Working Title Blues - John MacMurchy

Condumbao - Hilario Duran

Despierta - Eliana Cuevas

Wave - John Sherwood

Under Burning Skies - Soulazz Orchestra

Boy Oh Boy - The Willows

I Got Something On My Mind - The Sinners Choir

September 9, 2017

The Boogaloo Lounge - Lou Pomanti

Worlds Collide - Stefan Bauer

Tempus Fugit - Nathan Hiltz

Minority - Bill McBirnie

The Question Is The Answer - Artie Roth

Lujon - Henry Mancini

Graf Grak - Eric St-Laurent

True Blue - Joe Sealy and Paul Novotny

Cutie - Attila Fias

Momentum - Mike Downes

Little Boats - Denielle Bassels

Pluto Is A Planet - Margaret Stowe

Born To Be Blue - Elizabeth Shepherd

The Jiggy - Ron Westray

Wild Is The Wind - Amy McConnell

Tale of the Fingers - Dave Young Trio

Bongo Bob - Steve Koven

Fasten Your Seatbelt - Diane Roblin

Home - Jacob Gorshaltzen

Mar Grande - Gord Sheard

Up Jumped Chuck - Steve Holt

Queen Bee - Suzie Vinnick

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