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    August 10, 2013

    “Blood Orange” Rez Abbasi
    Snake Charmer / Earth Sounds

    “Griot” Lionel Loueke
    Mwaliko / Blue Note

    “In The Still Of The Night” Richard Whiteman
    Live In Vancouver / Cornerstone Records

    “Pinball Number Count” Maylee Todd
    Escapology / Do-Right Music

    “Strive” Ryan Oliver Quartet
    Strive / Independent

    “It’s All About The Hang” Shuffle Demons
    Cluster Funk / Linus

    “Coffee In The Morning” Terra Hazelton
    Gimmee Watcha Got / Independent

    “Open Air” The Cookers
    The Cookers / Independent

    “Carioca” Dizzy Gillespie
    At Newport / Verve

    “Ritz Empire” Sly Blue (featuring Chris Norton)
    Edge Of The World / Independent

    “30 Reasons” The Polka Dogs
    The Polka Dogs / CBC Records

    “Muddy” Tim Posgate Horn Band
    Tim Posgate Horn Band featuring Howard Johnson / Guildwood Records

    “Maiera” Fred Stone
    Ready Or Not 2 / CBC Records

    “Walk To Sea” David Buchbinder’s Odessa Havana Project
    Walk To See / Tzadik

    “Bee’s” Rez Abbasi
    Bazar / Soho

    “Orwell’s Warning” Artie Roth
    Parallels / Independent

    “It Don’t Mean A Thing…” Joe Jackson
    The Duke /  Sony

    “Running Wild” Bob D’Angelis
    Running Wild / Independent

    “Once Smitten – Twice Shy” Sophia Perlman & The Vipers
    Once Smitten / Independent

    Thank you to all of you who contributed during our Early Spring Campaign.

    You are the reason we are able to return to our award-winning programming.


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