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  • 100 Years of Christmas at Casa Loma

    Caspar Haydar runs a full scale design production firm here in Toronto. His design boutique opened last year in the Annex at 1043 Bathurst. You may have caught him on the Food Network’s “Sugar Sta

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  • Winnie Truong - Invisible/Visible

    You know those 3D posters you see at the mall, where you kind of have to squint the right way and if you’re lucky, suddenly you’ll see a dolphin or a unicorn? Well, Winnie Truong is an artist who

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  • COC Ensemble Studio Competition Gala

    It’s was a veritable “opera idol” on Tuesday November 25th at the Four Seasons Centre for the performing arts. Seven Canadian singers took centre stage as part of the Canadian Opera Company’s

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  • 2015 Cabaret Series

    This is your chance to see the lineup of the 2014 JAZZ.FM91 Cabaret Series, a four-part concert series taking place Thursday nights at Hugh’s Room, one of Canada’s premier live music venues.

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  • Bob Dylan to Release Covers Record

    In a typically Bob Dylan-esque fashion, the 73-year-old singer announced the pending release of a new album of covers that will be out next year.

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Jackie Richardson at The Breithaupt Brothers Live To Air, September 9, 2014

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