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    Ears Germany: Jazzahead 2014

    Written by Jeff Levenson

    As music gatherings go, Bremen Germany's Jazzahead is proving itself the international conference for all things jazz. It is an annual confab that spotlights the music and mechanics of the industry, attracting artists, labels, programmers, agents and media; in total, it represents the guts and infrastructure of the genre.


    Written by Jeff Levenson

    Conventional wisdom has it that jazz began in New Orleans roughly 100 years ago.That it traveled up the Mississippi, passed through Chicago, then headed east to New York, where it currently lives in a penthouse overlooking Central Park. That’s the Jazz at Lincoln Center version of the story, compliments of Wynton Marsalis. I much prefer Woody Allen’s explanation: Slaves came to our shores 200 years ago and brought their record collections with them. Rim shot, please….

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