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    Albert Watson's Silver Linings

    Thursday, 12 February 2015 16:53

    Written by Lise Hosein

    You know Albert Watson’s photographs even if you don’t realize it – he’s been called one of the most important photographers of all time. Maybe you can picture the recent cover of the biography of Steve Jobs? Uma Thurman on the poster for Kill Bill? Or the unforgettably quirky photograph of Alfred Hitchcock holding a limp goose? These are all from Watson’s hand. Here’s his memory of taking that shot of Mr. Hitchcock:

    Watson’s known for this ability to create strong connections to the people he shoots – he somehow manages to dig into their personality or show you a side of them you may not have imagined. And he’s dealt with pretty much every kind of character, from Clint Eastwood to Naomi Campbell to Sean Penn to Johnny Depp. But he confesses that his real pleasure is working with people like Hitchcock, subjects willing to play with the camera:

    Don’t limit Albert Watson’s work to celebrity or fashion photography, even though he’s done over 200 Vogue covers. Silver Linings at the Izzy Gallery also shows his interest in still life or his sheer fascination with people and their psychology – the show includes a compelling print of his photo of a prisoner in a penitentiary. And Watson gets his hands dirty in the darkroom – he still uses film, not digital, and these are silver gelatin prints, which is an old developing process – it’s can be tricky to develop and it has a sort of ethereal historical quality that you need to see in person. His favourite images in the show are a set of three of these silver prints:

    Who is Watson still looking to photograph, since he seems to have been able to sit down with everybody? Madonna. 20 years ago. He had a chance to do it, things got a little messed up, and he missed his shot. But no harm done – there are still a thousand other things Watson still wants to capture with his camera.

    You can see Watson’s prints at Izzy Gallery until March 28th – check izzygallery.com for details.


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