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February 18, 2012

Cafe Latino Feb 17/12 hour 1
Name Time Album Artist
Baila Plena 8:13 CuBop/ Papo Vazquez
Manteca 7:01 Jazz 101: Introduction To Latin Jazz/ Mongo Santamaría
Nosotros 5:09 Muñequita Linda Sedajazz Big Band
Track 09    The Girl From Ipanema 3:53 Roncesvalles Tango/ Rick Washbrook
So Nice 3:29 To Brazil With Love /Diana Panton
El Rey Del Timbal 4:58 Live Ta Monterrey Jazz fest/ Tito Puente
Para Machuchar Meu Coração 5:06 Getz/Gilberto/ Stan Getz & João Gilberto
Almendra (Almonds) 6:08 Cuban Rhapsody Jane Bunnett & Hilario Duran
Summertime 6:08 Wonderful Discovery /Arturo O'Farrill
Tem Dó de Mim 3:30 Flores Tambores  e Amores/ Aline Morales
Aquarela Do Brasil 3:27 Carlos Barbosa-Lima With Eddie Go… /Carlos Barbosa-Lima with Eddie Go…

Cafe Latino Feb 17/12 hour 2

Name Time Album Artist
La Samba Me Llama 3:39 Ventura /Eliana Cuevas
El Swing 7:04 New Sketches Of Spain/ Miles Espaňol
Delirio 3:25 Solo: Live In New York /Chucho Valdés
La Paloma 4:04 Silence Spoken Here /Noah Zacharin
Rialto 5:42 Brand New Day/ Kathleen Gorman
Larry Harlow - Aguantate 4:03 Estrellas del Fania Vol 5/ Larry Harlow
Todavía Queda Limón 4:30 Telegrafía Sin Hilo /Changuito
Guachi Guaro (Soul Sauce) 6:40 Concord Picante 25th Anniversary… Chick Corea / Poncho Sanchez / Pe…
Perla Marina - Marine Pearl 5:45 Momentos Cubanos/ Luis Mario Ochoa Quintet
Pequena Música Noturna 2:59 Putumayo Presents - Brazilian Café Rosa Passos
Abro la ventana 4:06 The living Road/ Lhasa de Sela

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