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    March 5, 2016

    Name Time Album Artist hr 1
    1 Baila Plena 8:13 At the point Vol 1- ubiquity records Papo Vazquez
    2 Candela 7:00 Buena Vista Social Club At Carne… Buena Vista Social Club
    3 Sex & the City 4:23 From Daddy With Love Mitch Frohman
    4 Volver - Estrella Morente [Soundt… 3:39 Soundtrack _Volver_ Pedro Almo… Estrella Morente
    5 El Niño Mambo 5:56 CuBop Pucho&The LatinSoul Brothers
    6 Nuyorocan Son 5:47 Nuyorican Dream Live and in Clave Bobby Sanabria Big Band
    7 Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre) 5:59 La revancha del Tango Gotan project
    8 Sin Rumbo 3:54 Otros Aires Otros Aires
    9 Favela 3:47 Latino Blue ( Blue Note Jazz con… Clare Fischer
    10 Sonando Puerto Rico 4:08 The Connection Ray Mantilla
    11 Misty 3:13 Manny Moods Yolanda Duke With The Tito Puen…

    Name Time Album Artist hr 2
    1 Latin Groove 5:01 Fusión De Almas Joshua Edelman
    2 La Viruta 4:42 Todo Corazon Mark Weinstein
    3 Mango Cha 5:01 Siempre Que Llueve Evaristo
    4 Samba Con Clave 7:22 Alucinaciones Rolando Luna
    5 Sangria 4:03 Viva Brazil Tania Maria
    6 El Choclo 3:41 Payadora
    7 Echo Of Spring (a.k.a. K.D.'s Cab… 6:14 Afro-Cuban Kenny Dorham
    8 Laura 6:30 Blue Moon Ahmad Jamal
    9 Mambo Costanzo 4:10 Scorching The Skins Jack Costanzo
    10 Norturno en Sol 2:59 Rodolfo Fito Paez

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