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  • Mark Wigmore's Top 5 - Weekend of April 17

    Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore has 5 fantastic ideas for your arts and entertainment weekend.

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    Welcome to show that’s all about arts on JAZZ.FM91. This is the program that goes deeper in the stories, the settings and the personalities that are behind the incredible arts scene in Toronto.

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  • BIll Beard On Being A Volunteer

    Before I retired in 2013 I knew I wanted to volunteer at Jazz FM. I had listened to the station for years and the warmth from all the hosts came through the speakers. Now that I have been at the stati

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  • Therefore Choose Life

    What would you do if you had the chance to be with your true love, 25 years after you’d lost them and thought you would never see them again? Would you leave everything for what you once had, or kee

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  • National Volunteer Week with Mark and Sandra

    If you've ever been to the JAZZ.FM91 studio, as you enter the station you will notice a massive sign that says "through these doors walk the world's greatest volunteers".

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