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  • Blue Note Club expands to China, Hawaii

    Blue Note Jazz Club has announced an expansion which includes China and Hawaii.

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  • Review: Kinky Boots

    The wild and sensational musical Kinky Boots continues its run at the Royal Alex through the end of September. Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore went to find out if the 2.5 ft. sparkling red stilettos a

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  • Interview - Kelly Straughan

    Kelly Straughan, Executive Director of the Fringe Festival, joined Good Morning Toronto, July 6, to chat about the event and what's on the agenda!

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  • Another view from Montreal

    The word “smooth” has been so overused I am often at a loss when I need to describe someone's elegant playing.

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    Voting has started! And thanks to YOU, JAZZ.FM91 has been nominated as Best Radio Station in NOW Magazine's 2015 Best of T.O. Readers Choice poll.

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